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Committee Opportunities

The Historic Valley Junction Foundation depends on the support of our community to implement our mission and programs.  We have several opportunities to get involved in our programming that are great opportunities to make a difference in your community and provide events and programs the community knows and loves.

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Music in the Junction Street Team

Helps support and promote our popular summer concert series. Your role might include:

  • Recruiting community organizations and volunteers to help operate the event, for example at the beverage garden
  • Helping to recruit and select performing artists that our community will love.
  • Volunteering at the event when your schedule allows
Valley Junction Art Festival Team

Similar to our Music in the Junction team, we want to bring together people interested in helping us connect with the local arts scene and build a vibrant community of artists in the community, not only during our festival but all year long.

  • Envision and execute unforgettable community experiences at the Valley Junction Arts Festival
  • Recruit artists and help us maintain relationships with arts organizations in the area
  • Help promote the arts festival and the arts in Valley Junction in general
New Business Welcome Team

The Business Improvement Committee welcomes new businesses into our community and celebrates those that are already here, making Valley Junction the region’s best neighborhood for the small business entrepreneur. Your role might include:

  • Visiting new businesses as a group to welcome them to the neighborhood when they open
  • Offering to take new business owners on a tour of the district to introduce them to their new neighbors
  • Responding to questions from entrepreneurs who want to open businesses here
  • Helping celebrate important business milestones and anniversaries 

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Historic Valley Junction Foundation relies heavily on volunteers to bring the concepts and events in the district to life. We have a great number of events this coming year and are always looking for volunteers to be part of our team. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for any of our events, please fill out the form below to let us know.

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